Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Earth & Climate Sciences offers BS, BA, and minor degrees in Earth Sciences. The BS degree builds the needed scientific foundation to pursue a career in geology or other Earth Science fields in industry or government, in addition to preparing students for graduate school.

The BA degree builds a solid conceptual foundation of basic physical sciences, mathematics, and Earth sciences, and is a flexible degree choice for those intending to pursue careers in K-12 education or informal education (such as in parks or museums), technical support for industry or government positions, or graduate work in environmental policy or law.

Students interested in obtaining a Master's degree along with their undergraduate degree in a compressed time period should consider applying for the SF Scholars Program.


Students are strongly encouraged to contact our lead undergraduate academic advisor (Mary Leech) or Department chair (Petra Dekens) so that we can learn more about the student’s career goals and guide them to building a roadmap to graduation.