Research Opportunities

The Department of Earth & Climate Sciences at SF STATE is a vibrant community. Student and faculty collaborate on research to improve our understanding of physical processes active in the Earth and of Earth history. Faculty are accessible and welcome research collaborations with both graduate and undergraduate students.

Contact the faculty below to inquire about research opportunities in their respective areas.

Erin Bray on left and grad student on right hold a measuring stick in a river

Erin Bray

Research Area: Hydrology and Geomorphology, Rivers

John Caskey and several other people hiking through rock formations

John Caskey

Research Area: Neotectonics, Seismotectonics

Drilling rig on the oceanographic research ship Joides Resolution

Petra Dekens

Research Area: Paleoceanography/Paleoclimatology

Yadira Ibarra on far right with a group of students on a beach next to a cliff

Yadira Ibarra

Research Area: Carbonate Sedimentology, Geobiology, Petrography

Mary Leech sitting on a rock with a map

Mary Leech

Research Area: Petrology, geochemistry, geochronology, tectonics of mountain building

Zan Stine standing next to tall trees, speaking to a group of students

Alexander (Zan) Stine

Research Area: Climate change, reconstructions of past climates, the annual cycle of climate variability.