Distinguished Speaker Series 2019-20

Fall 2019

September 3

Welcome Party

September 10
Tropical Pacific climate and El Niño strength over the past five million years.
Sarah White
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, UC Santa Cruz

September 17
What can mid-ocean ridge sediments (MOR-SED) tell us about deep-sea volcanism?
Ryan Portner

Department of Geology, San Jose State University

September 24
Groundwater recharge in tropical glaciated valleys:  insights from near-surface geophysics in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
Robin Glass
Geology Department, Sonoma State University

October 1 
Pursuing predictive ecology in the Anthropocene
Leander Anderegg
University of California Berkeley

October 8
Astrobleme Recognition through Remote Sensing and the Challanges to Confirmation of the Erosional Remnants
Russell McArthur

Dept of Earth & Climate Sciences, San Francisco State University

October 15
From ocean research to ocean product development
Jon LaRiviere, Scoot Science

October 22
Nitrate export regimes in large rivers
Margaret Zimmer
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, UC Santa Cruz
***Semi-annual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences***

October 29
Where does the atmosphere care most about changes in vegetation, and what is it about the land surface that the atmosphere cares about?
Marysa Laguë, University of California Berkeley

November 5 
How Atmospheric Rivers Impact Forecast Informed Reservoir Operations for Lake Mendocino
David Reynolds, NOAA, University of Colorado, Boulder

November 12 
From sediment science to science translation
Doug George, Coastal Programs Manager, California State Parks

December 3
M.S. Student Defenses

Evaluating the role of low impact development recharge for sustainable groundwater resources

Lawrence Fujiwara

Spring 2020

February 4

Providing Climate Information to the Public: How well is it understood?
Lindsay Maudlin

Auburn University

Candidate for the CoSE position in Climate Science

February 11

Implementing Course-based Research Experiences to Improve Student Learning
Seth Thompson

University of Minnesota

Candidate for the CoSE position in Climate Science

February 18

Evaluating the effects of climate change & environmental POGIL activities on student performance, the development of process skills, and engagement
Guillermo Ibarrola

Drexel University

Candidate for the CoSE position in Climate Science

March 3

Neotectonics and aging sands in Jamaica
Vashan Wright

Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley

Postdoctoral Researcher at Louisiana State University

March 10 through April 21

All In Person Events Cancelled By SFSU in the Interests of Public Safety

April 28

MS Thesis Proposals

Maura Kanner

The paleoenvironmental and astrobiological significance of tufa in the Santa Cruz region

Hannah Boelts

Investigating the effects of water chemistry on carbonates and biota in a northern California spring

Michael Davis 

Petrotectonic Evolution of Ledge Mountain Migmatites: Adirondack Highlands, New York

May 5

MS Thesis Defenses

Hannah Dailey

Quantifying Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Groundwater Recharge in Tulelake, Ca

Cassandra Wolf

Evaluating Factors that Control Recharge in Thick Vadose Zone Under Climate Variability and Change

May 12

MS Thesis Defense

Sonicah Sanon

Mesofabric and Metazoan Abundance in Ancient Thrombolitic Stromatolites: A Well-Preserved Doppelganger in Present Day Wyoming

May 19

MS Thesis Proposals

Andrew Bays

Multiscale Facies Analysis of the Bighorn Dolomite, Western Wyoming

Xueran Song

Paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic evolution of the Keen Wonder Mine travertines in Death Valley

Nicholas Modar

The Influence of Climate Change on River Temperatures in the San Joaquin River

July 2

MS Thesis Defense

Sea surface conditions in the Bay of Bengal since the early Pliocene
Drew Lowdermilk

July 23

MS Thesis Defense

Sea Surface Conditions in the Bay of Bengal Through the Pliocene-Pleistocene Cooling
Kara Cowan