Distinguished Speaker Series 2018-19

Fall 2018

September 4

Welcome Party

September 11th
Response of the Deep to Shallow Crust to Eocene Ridge-Trench Interaction in the Pacific Northwest
Robert Miller
Geology Department, San Jose State University

September 18th
Enigmatic Neoproterozoic Iron Formations: Snowballs or Rifts?
Russell Shapiro
Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, California State University, Chico

September 25th
Geomorphology, Science, and Engineering: Perspectives from a Consultant
Anthony Falzone

October 2nd
How topography creates strong monsoons
Bill Boos
Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley

October 9th
Where less is more: Limited subsurface water storage capacity can shield forests from drought
David Dralle
Eel River Critical Zone Observatory, University of California, Berkeley

October 16th
Carbon Services of California Coastal Habitats: Restoration as a tool in Ocean Acidification and Climate Change Management?
Melissa Ward
University of California, Davis

October 23rd
In the future, will it rain more on tropical land or tropical ocean?
Hugo Lambert
University of Exeter

October 30th
Hydrologic exchange and heat exchange in a regulated gravel bed river: Why the bed matters and implications for salmon habitat
Erin Bray
California State University, Northridge

November 6th
Linking shelf processes to coastal hypoxia in the central California Current System
Kate Hewett
University of California Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory

November 13th
Master of Science Thesis Defense

Suzanne Goldstein
Modeling Climate Change Impacts On Flooding And Community Vulnerability, Novato, CA
Molly Mclaughlin
How Small Bugs Tie Down Big Rocks: Measuring and Modeling the Forces Acting Between Nets Spun by Caddisfly Larvae (Hydropsychidae) and Gravel Particles at the Onset of Motion

November 27th
Master of Science Thesis Defense

Lauren Finkelstein
Implications of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus on coastal groundwater management, Pajaro Valley, CA

December 4th
Bachelor and Master of Science Thesis Defenses

Oceanographic Conditions in the Bay of Bengal from ~0.8 - 1.3Ma
Alexandria Lagos
WRF Simulation of the Severe Downslope Windstorm Associated with the Tubbs Fire, Santa Rosa, CA, October 8-9, 2017
Natalie Corkhill

December 11th

Master of Science Thesis Defense
Geothermal Energy Prospectivity Mapping in Nevada, Refining Methodology and Predicting Favorability Using Smoothed Weight Functions and Standardized Geographic Processing Approaches
Jacob DeAngelo

Spring 2019

February 5th
Candidate for Environmental Hydrology Position

Dr. Erin Bray

Rivers for humans and fish: How hydrologic and geomorphic processes sustain salmon habitat in regulated rivers at different scales

February 12th

Candidate for Environmental Hydrology Position

Dr. Ali Ebrahimian
Villanova University

Urban Sustainability and Resilience through Green Stormwater Infrastructure

February 19th
Earth & Climate Sciences, SF State

Tuesday Feb 26

Candidate for Environmental Hydrology Position

Dr. Jordyn Wolfand

Colorado School of Mines

Improving the Quality of Urban Stormwater with Innovative Treatment Technologies from the Lab to Watershed Scale

March 5th
Earth & Climate Sciences, SF State

March 12th

Ron Hipschman
Science Education & Outreach at the Exploratorium

April 9th

Dr. Peter Roopnarine 

California Academy of Sciences

The more things change: Understanding persistence and stability in the fossil record

April 16th
Mae Marcaida, Stanford University (alumna talk)

Dating young volcanic eruptions using U-series disequilibira on accersory minerals

April 23rd
Dr. Jose Rosario, CSU East Bay

What Ancient Soils Can Tell Us about Paleoclimate

April 30th
Carla Rosa, California Geological Survey

Navigating a Career in Geology: Perspective from the Public Sector

May 7th

MS thesis defenses

Water resource responses to climae in the water-energy-food nexus of the Pajaro Valley Watershed, CA

Deandra Alvear

Groundwater Recharge Sensitivigy to Low Impact Developmen tDesign and Future Climate Variability

Jessica Rodriguez

May 14th
BS thesis defenses

Effects of Model Spin-Up on Simulated Recharge using the HYDRUS-1D Vadose Zone Model

Mie Vogel

Geologic and Hydrologic Considerations for Selection of Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development: Best Management Practices in Small, Semi-rural Systems

Jilly Amaya

Spatial Variability of Coastal Upwelling Along the Gulf of the Farallones

Behlie Lengel

May 21st
MS thesis proposals

Quantifying Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Groundwater Recharte in Tulelake, CA

Hannah Dailey

Paleooceanographic reconstruction of sea surface conditions in the Bay of Bengal over the last 6 Ma

Drew Lowdermilk

Paleoceanographic Reconstruction in the Bay of Bengal during the Pliocene-Pleistocene transitions

Kara Cowan

Testing the climate signal in the tree ring color across the Sierra

Natasha Fazelli