Distinguished Speaker Series 2015-16

Fall 2015

September 1st
Welcome to the new academic year party

September 8th  
Low-temperature thermochronometric constraints on Cenozoic intraplate deformation in the central Basin and Range
Tandsi Bidgoli
University of Kansas-Kansas Geological Survey
***Semi-annual Earth & Climate Science Alumni Lecture***

September 15th
Holocene marine productivity records from western North America: examples from California and Alaska
Dr. Jason Addison
USGS, Research Geologist

September 22nd 
California’s persistent droughts of the medieval climatic anomaly: Where lay the storm track?
Dr. Scott Stine

September 29th 
Student Research Short Presentations

October 6th
To See the World in a Grain of Sand: Utilizing Detrital Heavy Minerals to Reconstruct Earth History
Dr. Owen Anfinson
Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University

October 13th
History-in-the-Making: The State’s Role in Implementing the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Mark Nordberg, Senior Engineering Geologist
California Department of Water Resources

October 20th
A, B, Careful! Consequences of scale-invariance in power-law models of streamflow recessions for interpreting hydrological data
Dr. Sally Thompson, Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley
***Dawdy Lecture in Hydrologic Sciences***

October 27th
Hydrodynamics of carbon storage in coal and shale
Vikram Vishal
Fulbright visiting scholar, Stanford University

November 3rd 
No speaker series – GSA meeting

November 10th
Land-based Pollution of Coral Reefs in Hawaii
Dr. John Stock

November 17th  *Student Presentations*
Influence of light availability on tree-ring reconstructed temperature, Sonora Pass, CA
Lan Ma
MS thesis proposal

November 24th
No Speaker Series – Fall Recess

December 1st 
What can foraminifera tell us about past sea level change? An analysis from the Canterbury Basin of New Zealand
Dr. Matthieu Richaud
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
California State University - Fresno

December 8th 
Figuring out the earth from the inside out-Geodynamic Modeling
Dr. Kanani Lee
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Yale University

Spring 2016

February 2nd  
Post-Late-Pliocene kinematic evolution of the eastern California shear zone in the southern Death Valley region
Prof. John Caskey
Department of Earth & Climate Sciences
San Francisco State University

February 9th
Impact of river runoff in the coastal ocean: A glider perspective
Piero Luigi F. Mazzini
Rutgers University, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Candidate for Position in Coastal and Estuarine Processes

February 16th
Modeling Cross-Shelf Exchange: Effect of Stokes Drift, Transient Rip Currents and Stratification
Nirnimesh Kumar
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Candidate for Position in Coastal and Estuarine Processes

February 17th
Diagnosing a Tectonic Aneurysm: Observations from the eastern Himalayan syntaxis
Karl Lang
Department of Geosciences, University of Tübingen
Candidate for position in Sedimentology

February 23rd
Fluvial, spring-fed carbonates: Terrestrial records of hydroclimate and geomicrobiological archives
Yadira Ibarra
Department of Earth System Science, Stanford University
Candidate for position in Sedimentology

March 1st
Coastal flood prediction and management: bathtubs, beaches, backshores and bulldozers
Timu Gallien
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Candidate for Position in Coastal and Estuarine Processes

March 2nd 
Sedimentary Processes and Products of River Deltas
Brandon McElroy
Department of Geology & Geophysics, University of Wyoming
Candidate for position in Sedimentology

March 8th
The power of the perimeter: how flows and transport in an estuary are influenced by the shallows
Lissa MacVean
University of California Berkeley, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Candidate for Position in Coastal and Estuarine Processes

March 9th
Using sedimentary records to understand greenhouse climates:  Examining mechanisms, equability, and gradients during the early Eocene
Ethan Hyland
Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington.
Candidate for position in Sedimentology

March 29th
Estuarine Ecosystem Restoration 2.0: Adapting to and for Climate Change  
Stuart Siegel
Coastal Resilience Specialist, San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Adjunct Professor, SFSU Department of Earth & Climate Sciences

April 12th
Fire, earth & rain: emergency response for wildfire-induced landslide hazards
Jerome DeGraff
Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer for 2015-2016

April 19th  – Student Presentations
Jennifer Genetti
MS Defense

Finding Patterns in the Landscape: Predicting hillslope sediment size distribution from GIS-generated topographic data  
Shirin Leclere
MS Defense

April 26th – Student Presentations
Evolution of Particle Angularity in Natural and Laboratory Geophysical Granular Flows
Molly McLaughlin
BS Defense

Geochemical Implications of Removing Vegetation and Increasing Groundwater Recharge on Atoll Islands
Mehrdad Hejazian
MS Defense

May 3rd  – Student Presentations
Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Comparisons of the Monterey Formation, Point Reyes and Monterey Areas, California
Burcin Kelez
MS Defense

Rui Liu
MS Defense

May 5th  – Student Presentations
Pressure-Temperature-time-deformation history of the Lahul Valley, NW Indian Himalaya
Andy Niebles
MS Defense

The Effect of Bulk Density on Debris Flow Mobilization in Marin County, CA
Shawn Henderson
MS Defense

May 10th – Student Presentations
Sedimentary Controls on Foraminifera Deposition in the Bay of Bengal
Theresa Fritz-Endres
MS Defense

Climate Variability and Vadose Zone Controls on Damping of Transient Recharge Fluxes
Claudia Corona
MS Defense

May 11th  – Student Presentations
Particle Size Reduction in Debris Flows by Fragmentation and Abrasion
Gionata Bianchi
MS Proposal

Improving thermobarometric modeling of Himalayan gneiss domes using analysis of garnets
Ryan Gunder
BS Defense

May 17th  – Student Presentations
Statistically Evaluating High-Resolution Model Precipitation Forecasts in the San Francisco Bay Region
Nick Christen
BS Defense

Thermodynamic Modeling of Five Ultrahigh-Pressure Terranes
Brandon Swanson
BS Defense

Character and Timing of Slip on Northwest-striking Faults in the Northern Santa Lucia Range, Central California Coast
Ian McGregor
BS Defense

May 19th  – Student Presentations
Formation of kyanite-bearing migmatites in the central Adirondack Mountains
Jackson Reeder
MS Proposal

Age correlation of plutonic xenoliths and Newberry eruptions: A window into the subterranean environment of a volcanic system
Katie Sullivan
MS Proposal