Distinguished Speaker Series 2014-15

Fall 2014

September 2
Welcome to the new academic year party

September 9 – Student Presentations
Effects of Low Impact Development Design on Redox Dynamics  in the Vadose Zone and Urban Groundwater
Mays Danfoura
MS Defense

September 16
An Ecohydrological Approach to River Restoration Planning in the Arid West
Glen Leverich

Stillwater Sciences, Senior Geomorphologist/Geologist
***Semi-annual Earth & Climate Science Alumni Lecture***

September 23
Marine ecosystems and abrupt climate change: insights from the recent deglaciation
Sarah E. Moffitt

Bodega Marine Laboratory

September 30 – Student Presentations
Tectonic History of Metamorphic Rocks from the Roof of the World, NW Himalaya

Ozum Basta
MS Defense

October 7
What drives the variability in biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions?
Robert Rhew
Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

October 14
The evidence for a discernible human influence on global climate

Ben Santer
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

October 21
No Speaker Series – GSA Meeting

October 28
Troughs, Cirques, and the Sierra: New Thoughts on Some Old Problems in Glacial Geomorphology
Kurt Cuffey
Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

November 4
You too can study glaciers: the Juneau Ice Field Research Project (JIRP)

Karen Grove
Department of Earth & Climate Sciences, SFSU

November 11
No Speaker Series – Veterans day

November 18
Geology of the Monterey Formation of California With Comments on Recent Oilfield Developments
Tom MacKinnon

November 25
No Speaker Series – Fall Recess

December 2
Managing for resilience in California's anadromous salmonids
Stephanie Carlson
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley
***Dawdy Lecture in Hydrologic Sciences***

Spring 2015

February 3
Coupling of East and South Asian Monsoon Precipitation in July-August
Jesse A. Day, PhD candidate
University of California, Berkeley

February 10
Revealing the community structure and cross-ecosystem connectivity of Northern California’s sandy beaches
Karina Nielsen, Professor of Biology & Director, Romberg Tiburon Center, SFSU

February 17
Unraveling the sedimentary response to tectonics, climate, and development of marine gateways: Insights from the Patagonian Andes
Julie Fosdick, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

February 24
Sea-level change during a Snowball Earth deglaciation
Jessica Creveling, Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology

March 3
California ports take to the air: improving air quality for us all
Jay Ach, P.G., Manager of Regulatory & Environmental Affair, Port of San Francisco

March 10
The rise of oxygen and siderite oxidation during the Lomagundi Event
Aviv Bachan, Post-doctoral Scholar, The Pennsylvania State University

March 17
Miocene change from plate-like lateral extrusion to distributed shortening and surface uplift in the nothern Tibetan Plateau
Brad Ritts, Ph.D., Team Leader, Chevron Asia Pacific Explorations and Production Company

April 7
The Hunt for the Source of Water to a New Municipal Wellfield
Bob Abrams, Ph.D., P.G., C.Hg., Consulting Hydrogeologist
**Semi-annual Earth & Climate Science Alumni Lecture***

April 14
Estimating Evapotranspiration from Weather Data: Derivation and Application to Trend Detection and Attribution over the U.S. since 1960
Guido Salvucci, Boston University
***Dawdy Lecture in Hydrologic Sciences***

April 28
Regional tectonic evolution of the Pioneer core complex, south-central Idaho
Rui Liu, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

Pressure-temperature-time-deformation history of the Lahul valley, NW Indian Himalaya
Andy Nieblas, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

May 5
Climate Variability and Vadose Zone Controls on Damping of Transient Recharge Fluxes
Claudia Corona, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

A Method for Detecting Global Hydrological Cycle Intensification
Jason Poague, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

The role of light availability in the tree-ring records
Lan Ma, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

Petrographic Characterization of the Coyote Peak Ultramafic Intrusion, Redwood National Park, California
Robert Solorzano, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

May 6
Relations Between Climate Variability and Groundwater Fluctuations in U.S. Principal
Elzie Velasco, MS Defense, SFSU

Experimental Study of Particle Size Reduction in Debris Flows
Omid Arabnia, MS Defense, SFSU

May 12
San Gregorio Fault Deformation of the Monterey Formation, Point Reyes to Point Lobos, California
Burcin Kelez, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

The role of strike-slip faulting during late Miocene extension in southern Death Valley
Chris Davidson, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

The Effect of Bulk Density on Debris Flow Mobilization in Marin County, California
Shawn Henderson, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

Sedimentary Controls on Foraminifera Distribution in the Bay of Bengal
Theresa Fritz-Endres, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

May 14
Geomorphic Modeling of Hillslope Sediment Sizes, Inyo Creek, Eastern Sierra, California
Shirin Leclere, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

Linking Geomorphic Process Regimes to Hillslope Sediment Size Distributions, Eastern Sierra, California
Jennifer Genetti, MS thesis proposal, SFSU

Segregation ice fracturing of river bank rock: implications for width of bedrock channels
Larry Alden,MS Defense, SFSU

May 19
Statistical Evaluation of High-resolution WRF-ARW Model Forecast Near San Francisco Peninsula
Yilin Lu, BS thesis defense, SFSU

A reconstruction of temperature from Sonora Pass, California, 1550–2014
John Ball, BS thesis defense, SFSU

May 20
The P-T-t Evolution of the UHP Tso Morari Complex, NW Indian Himalaya 
Jennifer Luscombe, BS thesis defense, SFSU

Creating Quicksand with Sand from Ocean Beach in San Francisco
Robert Woodford, BS thesis defense, SFSU

Hydrogeochemistry of Contrasting Freshwater Lenses, Roi-Namur Island, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Mehrdad HejazianMS thesis proposal