Distinguished Speaker Series 2013-14

Fall 2013

September 3
Welcome to the new academic year party

September 10
Applied Biogeochemistry and Environmental Policy Conundrums
Marc Los Huertos
Science and Environmental Policy, CSU Monterey Bay

September 17
The measure of topography: Using terrestrial lidar as a tool to quantify and model a landscape
Skye Corbett
US Geological Survey
***Semi-annual Earth & Climate Science Alumni Lecture***

September 24
The Many Uses of Trenching in Engineering Geology
James P. McCalpin
GEO-HAZ Consulting, Inc.

October 1
Integrated Water Management for Environmental Flows in the Rio Grande
Sam Sandoval Solis
Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis

October 8
Sampling the Source of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Frederick Chester
Department of Geology and Geophysics, Texas A&M University
***Consortium for Ocean Leadership Distinguished Lecturer***

October 15
MIS-6 pluvial lake-level history of Lake Manly, Death Valley: tectonic implicaitons
John Caskey
Department of Earth and Climate Sciences, SFSU

October 22
Table Mountains, Tuffs and Neogene Tectonics of the Sierra Nevada & Walker Lane
Chris Pluhar
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, CSU Fresno

October 29
No Speaker Series – GSA Meeting

November 5
Gradients of Geomorphic Response of the Muddy River Drainage to the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980-2000
Tom Lisle
Senior Fluvial Geomorphologist, Stillwater Sciences
***Semi-annual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences***

November 12
The changing northern–southern hemisphere temperature difference: historical observations and future projections
Andrew Friedman
Department of Geography, UC Berkeley

November 19 - Student Presentations
Near-surface structure of the San Andreas Fault, San Francisco Peninsula Segment
Carla Rosa
M.S. Defense

November 26
No Speaker Series – Fall Recess

December 3th - Student Presentations
Are discontinuous rating curves in sand bedded rivers due to bedform transitions or bed scour?
Yousef Yousfi
B.S. Defense

The influence of bed roughness on partial alluviation in bedrock channels
Jennifer Davis
M.S. Defense

December 5 – Student Presentations
Neotectonic characterization of the Los Osos/Edna Valley fault system
Aileen Chea
M.S. Thesis Proposal

Spring 2014

February 4th
Tethyan oceanic extensional complexes from Calabria, Italy and possible California analogues
David Shimabukuro
Department of Geology, Sacramento State University

February 11th
The early Pliocene: climate patterns of sustained global warmth

Petra Dekens
Department of Earth & Climate Sciences, SFSU

February 18th
Seeing clouds in 3D: Stereo photogrammetry of atmospheric convection

David Romps
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Berkeley

February 25th
Wind canyons and zombie volcanoes: extreme geomorphology in the central Andes

Jonathan Perkins
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
***Semi-annual Earth & Climate Science Alumni Lecture***

March 4th
Why do gravel bed rivers meander?

Christian Braudrick
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

March 11th
Beneath the Volcano: Zircon and the evolution of Miocene magma reservoirs in the Colorado river extensional corridor
Jonathan Miller
Department of Geology, San Jose State University

March 18th
Testing the influence of observed global warming on the likelihood of unprecedented extreme events
Noah Diffenbaugh
Department of Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University

March 25th
No Speaker Series – Spring Recess


April 1st
Petroleum Exploration & Production--Through the Eyes of a Geochemist
Paul Henshaw
Earth and Planetary Science, UC Berkeley

April 8th
Pattern from process: simple strategies for understanding complex dynamics in aquatic landscapes

Laurel Larsen
Department of Geography, UC Berkeley
***Semi-annual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences***

April 15th
No Speaker Series

April 22nd – Student Presentations
Mathematical Modeling of Fog Water Deposition, San Francisco, California
Ryan Corbett – MS Defense

Quasigeostrophic Diagnosis of an Explosively Developing Cyclone Along the Northern California Coast
Geoffery Roest – MS Defense

April 24th – Student Presentations
***Special day and time: Thursday 12:30 to 2 PM***

Experimental Study on Particle Size Reduction in Debris Flows
Omid Arabnia

Productivity Along the California Margin During Early Pliocene Warmth
Valerie Schwartz – MS Defense

April 29th – Student Presentations
Petrology and geochronology of high-grade metamorphic rocks from Cedros Island, Baja California, Mexico
Derik Gonzales

Error Propagation and Uncertainty in Predictions of Nonpoint-Source Nitrate Contamination in Groundwater
ZiZi Searles – MS Defense

May 6th – Student Presentations
P-T-t-d History of the Great Himalayan Sequence in the Zanskar Shear Zone, NW India
Emma Beck – MS Defense

May 7th – Student Presentations
***Special day and time: Wednesday 11:30 to 1 PM***
(U-TH)/HE Apatite Exhumation Rates for the Central Black Mountains, Death Valley, California

Erika Amir – MS Defense

Post-Middle Pliocene Tectonic Development of the Noble Hills, Southern Death Valley
John Niles – MS Defense

May 8th – Student Presentations
***Special day and time: Thursday 12:30 to 2 PM***
Vulnerability of Recently Recharged Groundwater in the California Coastal Basin Aquifer to Nitrate Contamination.

Gabriela Geyer – MS Defense

ICP-MS and XRF Soil Metal Concentration Screening Comparison by Quantitative Analysis
Michael Wrigley – MS Defense

May 9th – Student Presentations
***Special day and time: Friday 12:00 to 12:45***
Origins of Water at the Exploratorium in Central San Francisco Bay

Maeve Daugharty – MS Defense

May 13th – Student Presentations
Coriolis Effects on Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation
Hannah Mewhirter – Senior Project

Petrotectonic Study of High-Grade Franciscan Rocks in the Vicinity of Ring Mountain, CA
Andrew Nieblas – BS Defense

May 19th – Student Presentations
***Special day and time: Monday 12:30 to 2 PM***

Dry Deposition Patterns and Short-Term Temperature Effects of Anthropogenic Black Carbon Emissions in Northern California
Ryan Ford – BS Defense

Determining the Urban Heat Island Effect in Black Rock City, NV Throughout the Course of the 2013 Burning Man Festival
Malori Redman – BS Defense

Observations of living-roof carbon, water vapor and heat exchanges using eddy covariance
Ryan Thorp – BS Defense