Distinguished Speaker Series 2008-2009

Seminar Coordinator: Petra Dekens (dekens@sfsu.edu)


August 26th
Welcome to a new academic year in the Department of Geosciences!

12:30-2PM, TH513

September 2nd
Adventures in deep time paleoclimate: rapid response charateristics of the global climate system revealed from neodymium isotope records of ancient seawater
Howie Scher
UC Santa Cruz, Department of Ocean Sciences

September 9th
The use of medium-resolution satellite imagery for the derivation of geotechnical slope stability parameters
Leonhard Blesius
San Francisco State University, Geography Department

September 16th
Noah Finnegan
Coupling of rock uplift and river incision in the Namche Barwa-Gyala Peri Massif, Tibet
UC Berkeley

September 23rd
Enhancing the Quality of Science & Creating a Competitive Edge: A Research Presentation for Search Committees
Beth Mitchneck
University of Arizona, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
***Intended for Faculty of COSE***

September 30th
Ocean-estuary exchange between San Francisco Bay and the coastal Pacific
Mark Stacey
UC Berkeley, Environmental Engineering Program

October 7th
PG&E, Meteorology, and Renewable Energy
Woody Whitlatch, Pacific, Gas and Electric Company

October 14th (1 PM)
California's changing hydrologic landscape: dealing with uncertain climate change impacts
Ed Maurer
Santa Clara University, Civil Engineering Department
***Second Semi-annual Dawdy Lecture in the Hydrologic Sciences***

October 21st
Reactivity of dissolved organic carbon in sediment porewaters: Clues from natural carbon isotope abundances
Tomoko Komada
Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, SFSU

October 28th
Magmatic mush column magmatism: McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
4PM, TH 529
Bruce Marsh
Johns Hopkins University

October 29th
Please note this talk is on a Wednesday!
12:30PM, TH604
Magma in the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear repository
Bruce Marsh
Johns Hopkins University
***This talk is sponsored by Mineralogical Society of America's Distinguished Lecturers series***

November 4th
Student Speakers

James Chayka
MS Proposal
Quantitative linkages between watershed conditions andmainstem channel characteristics in Lagunitas Creek, Northern California

Molly Cornell
BS Defense
Characterization of Anomalous Graphite from the Maksyutov Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Complex, Russia

Willie Hassett
BS Defense
Early Miocene Granitoids from the Leo Pargil Gneiss Dome, Northwest Himalaya

November 11th
No speaker – Veterans Day

November 18th
No Speaker

November 25th
No speaker – Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2nd
Student Speakers

December 9th
Student Speakers


February 17th
Groundwater recharge, flow and discharge in a crystalline watershed: a new conceptual model
Tom Gleeson
Queen's University, Canada

February 24th
Probing groundwater resources via water-rock interactions: From aquifer deformation and cave formation to magmatic gas flow in water
Martin O. Saar
Chair: Hydrogeology and Geofluids Research Group
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Minnesota, Miinneapolis

March 10th
Beneath the surface of global change: Integrating climate change, land use, and vadose-zone processes to forecast ground-water sustainabiity
Jason J. Gurdak
US Geological Survey
Colorado Water Science Center

April 21st
MS Thesis Defenses

Stratigraphic investigation of the North Westside Basin, San Francisco and northern San Mateo County
Terry McGuire

Neotectonic investigation of the southern Death Valley fault zone, southeastern California
Heather Green

April 28th
MS Thesis Defenses 

Feedbacks between biotic and abiotic influences on travertine deposition, Fossil Creek, Arizona
Brian Fuller

May 12th
MS Thesis Proposals 

A dry combustion method to determine 12C and 13C abundances in marine dissolved organic carbon
Leah Johnson

Harmonic analysis of central San Francisco Bay currents using HR radar data
Max Hubbard

Geochemical signature of the Leo Pargil Gneiss Dome: implications for Himalayan channel flow
Willie Hassett

May 13th
MS Thesis Proposals 

Sea surface temperature and upwelling conditions off northern California coast during the early Pliocene
Chelsea Reed

South Atlantic subrtropical gyre sea surface temperatures and vertical temperature gradient during Pliocene - Pleistocene
Dominika Wojcieszek

May 14th
MS Thesis Proposals 

Background trace metal concentrations in soils of the San Francisco Bay Area, California
Dylan Duvergé

Molluscan biostratigraphy of Merced Formation, San Francisco, California
Kim Luttgen

Eclogite-facies pseudotachylite in deep crustal rocks exposed in northern Norway
Deoborah Shulman

May 19th
MS Thesis Defenses 

Hillslope rock fragment production: grain size distributions, abundance and climatic influences
Jiill Marshall

Expermental investigation of fluvial inclusion on Titan by low-velocity sediment impacts
Peter Polito

May 21st (Note: Special Time)
Thesis Defenses -- 12:00-2:00 PM

Harnessing natural C isotopes to understand organic matter transformations in estuarine sediments
Jonathon Polly (MS)

Temperature Effects on Ice Strength Properties: Implications for Erosion Resistance on Titan
Beth Zygielbaum (MS)

Research and Building of a Self-Regulating Baffle for Fish Passage in Culverts
Brian Grace (BS)